The Campaign4awesome

An update after my return from Vancouver and the exhibition of Campaign4awesome at Emily Carr University on Granville Island.

The video produced for the display was presented within the display itself on a looping LCD screen.

That video is here:

47 new refillable water bottles were introduced into the community (sold for $5 ea.) on Granville Island and the water fountain outside of Emily Carr's North Building was fixed. Money collected simply covered the costs of the water bottles. There is no profit, in fact, if you include all shipping costs, the bottles cost me $5.64 each. The local retailers on the island who sold stainless steel water bottles compared to mine priced them at $15-25 each. I think they are running off the for profit model. :)

The new Instagram account Campaign4awesome has been created so have a look. Photos include the adventures of The Machine of Awesome Bright Liquid Blueness water bottle. From the peak of Whistler to jumping in a lake in Saskatchewan. Send in your own images to post if you have them.

On the Granville Island bridge - very large banner for the Campaign4awesome.

July 12th: Installation of the Campaign4awesome is almost complete. I want to thank Aaron from Goodsigns for all the vinyl and help with the install. Everything looks great. During install we had a person come in and join the campaign4awesome, which is fantastic. From July 13th to 26th, come down to Granville Island if your on the west coast. See you there.

Aaron getting started on the display.

The display works on the honour system. Deposit your money in the bottle, take
your t-shirt or water bottle.

The Campaign4awesome is in Vancouver! Starting July 13th in the Concourse Gallery at Emily Carr University. Come and join the campaign in support of The Machine of Awesome Bright Liquid Blueness. Joining the campaign gets you front of the line and invites to exclusive pre-launch events in 2016. You won't want to miss it as quantities are very limited for this west coast stop.

Check the video below for more info. A new video of the installation will be posted on Monday the 13th. be sure to check it out and come on out. Thanks.

The Campaign4awesome started with an indiegogo account with fantastic perks. Only a limited amount was raised through the site, but an equal amount also came in at the two events we held at Manorun Organic farm and my studio. The cost for the 10,000 LED's is almost covered. Awesome.


Has anyone seen this! The Campaign4Awesome!

It's now expired, but was a lot of fun with 2 hosted events at Manorun Organic farm and here at the studio. The second event at the studio was actually lit up by 1800 Leds as part of the test set-up. Have a look at the indiegogo page, and let me know what you think. All is clear?

Tim the Tech. Not just a name, a vocation.


The first event at the studio. We had about 25 people come through and it was a fun evening. Thank you all that came by.


The coin mechanism has been fabricated. Nice and simple - coins to small will not roll to the opening at the end of the track where the sensor to active the sculpture is. The rejected coins are ejected from the piece. Toonies start all the fun! This may or may not be the mechanism we go with.


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