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The Responsibility Machine is an interactive recycled steel and wood sculpture with screen printed on steel sign. The Responsibility Machine is "Art as part of the fight for a new Ethic" and is constructed of recycled materials or rubbish. My concern when assembling
this piece was not the style of the piece, but the origin of its material and purpose. It's purpose is slap people into some sort of realization that individually
we are responsible. Don't shift the blame, you chose. Don't try and talk your way out of it. Better yet, don't hire someone to talk your way out of it for you.
Fess up and try to grasp the consequences of your actions. The sculpture of course is meant to be fun to interact with as well, more action with smiles then
frowns kind of thing if you get me meaning.

Here it is at Nuit Blanche, The Historical Distillery District, 2012

Here is documentation of the sculpture in action at Manorun Farms Summer Solstice Festival

SCULPTURE: Portable Gaming Device 

Great for the cottage and when you're on the go. This new portable gaming device is all about taking it slow, patience, and concentration. Those with the greatest focus will excel!

The Raku fired ceramic rocks are piled as high as you can make them without smashing them to bits. Keeping the big rock on the bottom is the safest for the more timid players, but if you are looking for adventure then move that big sucker up near the top. For those able to conquer the beginner level, elevation platforms are included at no extra cost for intermediate and advanced play.

Beautiful white birch case makes this the perfect portable gaming device. Not recommended for use in the car or while driving.

Get yours today as there is only one available! Contact Christopher McLeod.

game direction included

beginner level


Encased Part 1

Encased Part 2

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