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I love a good steak.

Now most of us, when hearing the word steak, think of a cow.
What if though, I meant steak from a dog. The S.P.C.A. was full, so they had to process some of the dogs for meat.

How I do love a good steak.

This story only becomes taboo when the idea of eating dog comes into it. The idea of eating a cow is, however, of no issue. What a waste of a dead dog.

We, as a culture, object to eating dog because, as everyone knows, they are wonderful. A persons best friend, they can run and play, be mischievous and we have deep affection for them. One animal that has not drawn deep affection from us, even though they to can run and play, be mischievous, and long for attention, is the pig.

Not cute enough? Can't beat the smell of bacon!

So why then do dogs get to go for walks and sleep in their own bed next to ours, when pigs are caged, prodded, and tortured until finally slaughtered for us to enjoy the next morning in a frying pan?

We spend billions annually on our companion animals because of this notion that they have character and individual personality entitling them to a moral consideration. Perhaps we need to spend more time with some cows, chickens and pigs to see if they too develop individual character and personality.

If after that time we realize that they do not, then let the factory farming continue without guilt or question. On the other hand, if they do develop into individuals, displaying feelings and mood, then why would we eat them?

Now, I'm not saying we should all have cows sitting with us on the couch as we watch TV, or that we should all stop eating meat. If we are to eat these animals then shouldn't their existence, their life, be treated with the same basic moral considerations that our companion animals get? Does bacon smell as good knowing that it came from a feeling, intelligent animal that suffered a cruel life and drawn out death? At this point I'm hoping you say, “no, it does not smell as good”.

Would I want a kitten locked into a cage so small that it is not able to turn around or sit down? Then to have that same kitten genetically modified and fed unnatural diets with various drugs.
I love my cat, so no way! Perhaps then, I will have to concede that for some cultures eating cats and dogs or any other animal we deem to be to cute and cuddly will never be considered appropriate. Here is what I can do though, for those animals we do consider okay to eat, I will give them the moral and ethical consideration I give to my best friend. I will work to eat only animals raised free and happy, treated with dignity, and slaughtered with respect.

Ethical meat, 'cause I love a good steak.”
                                                                                                                              Christopher McLeod

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