The Red Square Book

Red Square Book Project

In solidarity with protesters in Quebec, this hand bound book features 10 pen and ink drawings of political actions all canadians can get involved with. The drawings themselves are somewhat ambiguous and offer little hints to their nature. It is not until the viewer reaches the index on the last page that the titles for each drawing are explained in further detail. The index itself though is not an end as the viewers continued exploration of the suggested political actions represent a beginning.

The Red Square book project draws attention to Canadian's lack of empathy for protesters and lack of passion for how we live and the world we will be leaving our children. We may not all agree with what the protesters are protesting in Quebec, but, are we all happy with the way things are going? I think not. It is time for the rest of Canada to stand up and make some noise about the issues that are important to us. I hope this book will point out in a unique way the simple actions any of us can take to make change.

If not now, when? If not here, where? If not you, who?


2 Signs

Out of Order

Pie Slinging

Radioactive Garbage Collection

Stop Sign Reclamation

Urban Snowmen

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