Performance Sculpture Research

So what is Performance Sculpture?

Guided by a migration of educational methods and socially engaged art practices, a Performance Sculpture is multimodal in its strategy. A dialogical art practice incorporating an interactive sculpture along with the artist performing direct community outreach. Projects work to combine both art product and process in order to facilitate a public through emblematic, supportive, and participatory means.

Each project requires advance research and knowledge of the communities it is to engage. This acknowledgement of specific identities, changing social and political circumstances, as well as geographical conditions, will transform each performance sculpture even though the physical object within the project may retain specific aspects of its previous manifestation. 

Performance Sculpture projects operate with five root concerns: examining how art and a communal experience actually operate in everyday life; speaking a language that everyday people can understand; existing in a public space; instigating a collective action; and creating ubiquity and embracing popular methods of cultural production. The level and amount of these concerns will vary from project to project and audience to audience.


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