Interactive Educational Displays

Below is documentation on the interactive Education Display pieces I have built
on commission for different environmental educations groups.

Interactive Educational Drinking Fountain/ Bottle filling Station @ GreenVenture.

Based in Hamilton, ON. see for details on the organization.

As an environmental education centre, GreenVenture was looking to install a drinking fountain/bottle filling station for several reasons: one, was so that school tour groups, public visitors, and staff could easily access drinking water besides the tap in the kitchen, second, they wanted to integrate the new fountain into the school education tours in order to discuss tap water, bottled water, and all the fun details around where, how, and who provides us with clean safe water to drink in Hamilton.

Based on information from Hamilton Water, the fountain fills with water calling attention to the source and treatment processes for Hamilton tap water. Drawn from Lake Ontario, through screening into Flocculation, sedimentation, and finishing tanks, water flows through each section offering the opportunity to engage with tap water, and discuss commercially bottled water.

Filtration/bottle filling water fountain


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