Finding Water

Finding Water
Almost free drinking water fountains

Finding Water is an art project with the goal of giving away new public drinking water fountains for (almost) free in Ontario.

Currently, the project has Elkay, Haws, and Filtrine commercial quality drinking fountains available to non-profits, public institutions, and small/medium size businesses.

Finding Water is about making drinking water available to everyone on the go. It’s about making better choices, economically and environmentally. Drinking fountains are expensive, so, I’ve worked to acquire a selection of commercial quality public drinking fountains available for almost free. These units are all new, never installed.

So what’s the catch? I am looking for locations where the public can have free access to the fountains. Or maybe small to medium size businesses that are currently buying individual plastic water bottles and are in need of a fountain so employees can fill reusable water bottles. Perhaps you have a street level business and you want people to know – ‘This is a great place to come in and get some fresh water!’

As well, I am requesting that the location of your new water fountain be registered with the program. This is an online mapping system of publically available locations to get water. Think of all the great new people you will meet. Sound good?

So if spending $1000-2000 dollars on a drinking fountain is a problem, or always having to purchase, haul, and discard plastic bottles has you up in arms, or maybe the opportunity for some community outreach is on your To Do list, contact me, we can discuss the details, get to know each other – if not just a little – and recognize that we currently have the easiestly accessible, free drinking water in history. Together we can provide fresh free drinking water to anyone who needs it.

Email: or call 905-730-4008


Christopher McLeod

 Units available: March 1st. 2016

Elkay EDFB12c, Elkay EDFP210c, Haws model 11011ms dual wall mount, Haws model 1109, and Filtrine model 107-14.

These units are all new, never installed. Some are open box, complete. For details call or email

Christopher McLeod



Water Found!

Democracy Coffee House

202 Locke St. S. Hamilton

Democracy Coffee House is the first location to confirm the installation of a new public drinking water fountain as part of the Finding Water project.
 "Democracy on Locke is a place for people to meet, engage with one another and their community while indulging in Hamilton’s best eats."

Thank you Roger and Alastair for providing anyone visiting Locke Street
access to fresh drinking water!

Installation of the street mounted drinking fountain will begin as soon as the weather warms up, however, free water is always available inside.

The new public water fountain is now installed and available for use. Check it out next time you are on Locke Street. Don't forget your refillable water bottle.


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