Artist Statement

As a socially engaged art project, EMERGENCY, asks two simple, yet complex questions of public participants: What’s the emergency? What can be done about it?

Through the production of art as an instrument for change, the project strives to be emblematic, participatory, and supportive. Emblematic through the use of a portable, publicly placed ‘beacon’ questioning any existence of an emergency. Participatory, through discussion and dialogue with the public - what is their emergency, and possible solutions to it. Supportive, in the collection and analysis of the public input to determine themes, and to act upon them.

My goal is to use the input from the public to research and understand what is resonating for them on issues involving their community, the environment, and their lives. I, as the artist, will not use this time of public interaction to dictate, but to engage, actively listen, and to document and research the topics and themes that are of concern for this public. 

Proposal sketch. Supercrawl 2018.

-     Park EMERGENCY in a busy public location with 2 hosts asking, What’s the emergency? What can be done about it?
-     Hosts includes: Performance by the artist (as a host) / Volunteers / and special guest hosts.
-     Special guest hosts could include individuals from the City, BIA, NGO’s, Non-profits, etc. To be confirmed on acceptance of project.
-     Hosts will have paper notepad for the public to fill in and insert into the base of the beacon.  *Each participant will be encouraged to take a picture of their submission on their phone before inserting into the beacon, as the booklet will contain contact info for following the project after the event.
-     Once participant inserts notepad sheet, they can hit the big red button on the side of the beacon to activate the strobe on top of the beacon to signal that they have an emergency.

-     Host schedule to be determined in collaboration with Supercrawl.

Proposal Sketch 2. 

Special Guest Hosts needed Sept 14-16 for Supercrawl

If you feel you are an outgoing person that enjoys speaking to those in your community directly, and have your own unique perspective, then come and participate in EMERGENCY as part of Supercrawl 2018. In recognition of the importance of guest hosts participation, an honorarium will be offered. Please email me at mail@christophermcleod.ca to discuss. Thx.

Guest Host Schedule Filling Up

I'm very excited to mention that the schedule for guest hosts is filling quickly. We have representatives from many diverse disciplines and industries coming out to listen. 
Confirmed guest hosts include the Big Brothers Big Sisters, Neighbour2Neighbour, Mission Services, Hamilton Public Library, Immigrant Working Centre, BARQ, Canadian Mental Health Association, as well as a small business owner, Manorun Organic Farm, and McMaster SOTA and Engineering students.

Interested in participating as a host? Email me at mail@christophermcleod.ca

EMERGENCY Beacon Fabrication Well Underway.

Some studio progress pics.

The brain.

The stage area. Colour - Happy Yello.

The strobe is now mounted.

Trailer is works, but is still in development.


Supercrawl 2018 was a Great Success!

Project EMERGENCY engaged with 1290 participants over Supercrawl weekend. Myself and several guest hosts spoke to participants asking them what their emergency is? What are they most concerned with in their daily lives and within their community. I will be tallying the 1290 submissions and breaking them down into the natural categories that occur and submitting the results to city council after the upcoming election.

Here are some pics and videos from the weekend. 

All the guest hosts did a wonderful job, and I understand from their feedback they had a
wonderful time connecting and speaking with people at the festival. I know I had some great discussions with people and  their ideas around what we need to work on in our community.

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