Monday, October 23, 2017

Invitation to the Art Gallery of Hamilton

It is my pleasure to announce that I have been invited by the Art Gallery of Hamilton's exhibition, Water Works opening in February 2018. Specifically, The Machine of Awesome Bright Liquid Blueness will be installed at the entrance to the exhibit.

I now begin the process of modifying and preparing The Machine of Awesome (for short) specific to Hamilton. Tuning it and refining it, my programmer (Tim) and I have installed the piece in his lab. If you want to follow our progress as we rework the over 5000 LED's and the programming, follow campaign4awesome on instagram and look for #liquidblueness and #aghwater.

First things first - rip off all the LED's, inspect, insulate, solder, and re-install.

Rather than set up in my studio, we opted for Tim's lab. He's got all the electronics gear.

The brains of the sculpture removed.

Identifying LED's with issues.

Mark the LED's, and bring in the gear.

Tim surgically removing a single LED.

As the LED's are tightly spaced and small, most work is done through a magnifier.