Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mixtape exhibition

Here is the press release for the Mixtape exhibit at Emily Carr opening next week:

For Immediate Release

Mixtape: black holes, trauma and leather

Emily Carr of Art And Design MAA Interim Exhibition

Vancouver, BC (July 06, 2015) Mixtape: Black Holes, Trauma and Leather is the interim exhibition by students in the Master of Applied Arts at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Join seven artists from Vancouver to St. John’s using media that traverse film, soundscape, sculpture, painting and photography as they investigate themes of movement, memory and metal.

Christopher McLeod invites you to join the campaign4awesome.

Erin Tysowski explores her identity in music subcultures in a mixed media installation to give the audience a total performance.

Jay Havens examines visual storytelling and makes experiments with transposing narrative to visual form using Indigenous ways of knowing such as Wampum Theory and Storywork.

John Rao explores Hertizian spaces creating an impression of the culture we occupy on the Internet, offering a representation through sound and light.

Kemi Craig intertwines movement with celluloid to understand bodies and power dynamics in our society.

Rafi Spivak uses found footage of famous evangelical speakers and a police murder investigation video to create two film installations that challenge notions of abstraction and language.

Ross Kelly pushes the edges of what the camera can capture and what the resulting image can communicate. He does this through the use of collage, seriality, and by presenting the imagery in a range of contexts and situations.

The opening reception is on July 16 at 6:30pm until 10pm in the Concourse and Media Gallery of Emily Carr University Art + Design. The show runs until July 26, 2015

Look forward to seeing you at the opening. Please contact me with any questions. Christopher

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