Friday, September 19, 2014

McMaster's Water Week

Here is a poster for McMaster's Water Week coming up. Go to for all the weeks details. Thank you, C

Friday, September 12, 2014

Poverty: A Field Test

I'll Buy Your Poverty: Field test - Vancouver

As part of my time at Emily Carr this past summer I ran a field test looking to explore and document the publics interest/interaction with a sign posted in various locations around Grandville Island. There were two things I was specifically looking at:

1- would people remove the tags from my sign and email in.
2- did the location of the sign (that being more in a public space rather than with EC space) effect how many stopped to remove the tags.

Here is a composite of the sign in various locations and times.

The wording on the poster was designed to question & challenge the notion of poverty. In a city like Vancouver, with its large gap between have's and have not's, does the idea of 'owning' poverty apply? Inspired by Renzo Martin's Episode III, Enjoy Poverty film and the questions it raises.