Wednesday, December 18, 2013

B/W still life series: Cedars

Rooted in time, decay and rebirth, Cedars is a re-examined look at discarded fragments of a forest.

Photographed using large and medium format cameras, these artist proofs are meant to explore the notions of conservation and destruction in our technological age.

Pondering the expressionistic grandeur of nature, Cedars questions how we recreate and mediate nature. How is value placed, and what do we see in these discarded remnants of a cedar tree?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Station 1, The Aqua Lauta Project put through its paces

Yesterday was great fun and I met a lot of people at the Conestoga Mall promoting TheMuseum in Kitchener with Station 1. It was put through its paces and we all talked a little water. I would say about half the people I met from Waterloo did not know their city water came from the Grand River. Now they do, and they have something to think about the next time they turn on the tap.
We arrived just before opening

Greg, a volunteer from THEMUSEUM was great!

Good conversation

Explaining Why? A common question.

The crowds really came once someone started peddling

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