Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Aqua Lauta Project

I wanted to explain beyond the new pictures posted of the pump so it is understood where this project is going. 

A slight change in the title replacing the word "Machine" with "Project." This reflects my new approach on working through how the apparatus will function. Now, rather than this being a single sculpture through which participants' interaction will draw water from a local source (lake/river) and feed into various transparent filtration systems and finally dispense clean drinking water to the participant, it will now be constructed through Stations. Unlike the original concept drawing below...

Represented as a single piece, the apparatus will now be constructed of: 
Station 1-Peristaltic Pedal Pump
Station 2-Centrifuge Sand Filtration & Ultraviolet Filter 

Station 1-Peristaltic Pedal Pump, Oct.11/13
Phase 1 of The Aqua Lauta Project will include the use of Station 1 only:

"Free water bottle refills...Free water bottle refills!' will be offered to the public by the stations host. The host, upon request for a bottle refill, will instruct the participant to sit on the piece, place their bottle in the holder, and pedal pump until water fills the transparent filler hose. Once the hose is visibly full, the tap can be engaged in order for the participant to fill their bottle. Water for Station 1 will be drawn from a refillable container of tap water. 

It is my hope that those with a refillable bottle will connect even more with the energy water contains and requires. I am also looking to attract those that have not yet thought to bring a refillable water bottle to the idea of where our water comes from, how it's treated, and why water is worth consideration. To initiate a discourse on the notion of bottled water being superior and stigma's that have developed over tap water. All while having fun!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Prototype pump 2

The prototype peristaltic pump is complete with only a few minor adjustments need before taking it fully in the public domain. Have a look.