Sunday, June 23, 2013

Artist in Residence: Art Gallery of Mississauga

As part of my Artist in Residence for the Art Gallery of Mississauga I worked with 2 grade 7 classes in Peel on a rain barrel project. After presenting their ideas on where their water comes from; how it gets to them, and how to use less of it, they sketched and painted 2 of their own rain barrels.

These in progress pictures show what a great job they did!
Thank you AGM and the Roots & Branches program.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Week: 13/20/27

After a week of considering a new design for the pump, it was decided I would rebuild a new pump from scratch. The prototype pump worked well in that the torque for pedaling was excellent and the flow rate was good, but, as a prototype it did not have the construction levels that are needed for durability and reliability.

Week May 20 was all about crafting out a new wood frame. I learned from the prototype what worked and what didn't and was able to make some changes that improved the quality all around. Started with ACX lumber which uses waterproof glue and has a nicer finish. A template was made and jigsaw used for cutting the circle, now, with a channel down the middle to stabilize the hose.

Week May 27 was about now fabricating the new steel frame as part of the redesigned interior pump and integrated pedal crank. The new Exterior pump design will be very durable as it no longer relies on the frame for rigidity. The picture below shows the steel frame in a jig. Using the jig paid off and my welding is getting much better. All closed ends and no seams. Looks fantastic.

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