Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week: May 6th

Spring has sprung and work continues on the Aqua Lauta Machine. I have decided I'm going to post weekly on progress, issues and challenges from May through to the end of June. Here is week one, May 6th.....

The Aqua Lauta Machine as it now stands. Can you see it?

I am reinforcing the frame with cross members and adding additional sub frame across the front wheel axle. This will improve the rigidity of the frame allowing for heartier travel and less flex during use.

 Also I am refining components of the sculpture I am not happy with either from a build quality, design or aesthetic perspective. Above is an example, these are the brackets for the small rear wheels. I felt that a better design would be stronger, and look more refined so I sawzalled them off. New brackets are desined, cut and ready to go. I will be welding them Monday along with the additional cross members.

Here I am carting off the bare frame back to the welding room. I felt like a surgeon rolling a patient back into the operating room cause something was missed. I assured the patient all would be well and not to worry.

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