Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Feast and some changes

Let me start by thanking Andrea and The Hamilton Artist Inc., along with all those that came out for the Feast event to directly support Artists working in Hamilton. It was a great night featuring fantastic proposals from some talented artists. I will say with a big smile, I won! It was a very close count and I personally want to thank those that voted for me. The funds will be used for powder coating the frame and purchasing raw materials for The Aqua Lauta Machine.

I look forward to presenting my sculpture next year at the Artist Inc., date tbd.

which brings me to the sculpture itself, namely the title. From some consultation with Paul R., from McMaster University, I have learned that my online research into the English Latin translation of the words water cleaner or purifier does not include the "S" on Lautus. Therefor, from this point the title will be changed to The Aqua Lauta Machine, Latin for the water cleaner machine.

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