Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Hamilton Artist Inc.

I will be presenting at the Hamilton Artist Inc for their Feast event. Come on out, support and artist, enjoy some great food, have a great time, and all for $20! Details below. Hope to see you. Christopher

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Aqua Lautus Machine is Functional!

Yes, it is now fully functioning and has gone through the first wet tests. That is, test with water running through it. Now, the functionality still needs to be refined, but the basics are in place which will allow me to start to refine them while addressing aesthetic issues at the same time.

What you see here is the skeleton of the sculpture with all the basic elements in place and working in harmony. That is, the Peristaltic pump pumps beautifully and can pull water from 30 feet. The transmission with pulleys transfers the pedal power to the pump as well as the centrifuge sand filter and the UV filter! Awesome fun to pedal and watch happen before your eyes.

I have drank the water from the sculpture and it is yummy!

Check the Aqua Lautus page on the right for further details and video. Best, Christopher

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