Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Aqua Lautus Machine

Aqua Lautus, is Latin for Water Cleaner

Here are some drawings done on the chalkboard as we work our way through the technical aspects of making the water clean and safe to drink coming directly from the lake. The Aqua Lautus Machine, or Water Cleaner Machine, is not suitable for developing countries due to its complexity. It is designed for developed countries to facilitate our connection to where our water comes from, and how much energy it takes to move and clean it. Plus it will be cool looking and fun to use! Do you think you could peddle for 4 minutes in order to draw water from a lake, filter a few different ways, then drink it? It's all peddle power, no hydro.

we broke the sculpture down into modules

Here are flow rate calculations. Going for 4 minutes for complete procedure - Lake water to drinking water

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