Monday, January 9, 2012


Acrylic on panel 36"x48"

Title: The Frustration of Dealing With Mortality

Do our everyday actions, thoughts and motivations take into consideration our mortality? Does the experience of death bring meaning into life? Is it the final ritual that reveals life's ultimate meaning and purpose?

Stuck within biased, prejudicial, status-oriented living patterns, we live to advance ourselves to no end. Fear, anger, suffering and pain manifests itself into habitual behaviour. A psychic numbing, a necessity in order to maintain our current existence. Although suffering, we take no action struggling to achieve an identity through waiting.

Death is both a moment in time and a ritualized process. A physical transformation and a social phenomenon. Whatever form it embodies, death is difficult. What Christians call Kenosis, Muslims call Fana, Hindus call Moksha, and Buddhists call nirvana, we must all die in order to experience self-awakening. Christopher McLeod 2011